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Cost Effective Six Month Campaign

Do you have a brand new app that will be ready for launch soon? Want to get a substantial amount of downloads right from the start? Then our Launch Package is just what you need to get the ball rolling. Our exclusive Launch Package is specifically designed for new apps, so they can maximize their download potential with incentivized ads, social media campaigns, custom reporting and other important tools of a launch campaign.

Launching your app is the most important part of your app campaign. Utilize our services to ensure that your launch is as successful as it possibly can be. With our Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch packages, your conversion rates will dramatically increase as you witness a sharp rise in downloads after your app launch. Each one of these packages is specifically designed for its its timeliness and direct impact on your download site.

Timeline: 6 months
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Length: 1 Month

  • Market Research
  • Pre-Launch to Tech Influencers
  • Keyword Research
  • App Description Writing
  • App Monetization Strategy
  • Implementing SDKs and Analytics
  • Social Media Sites Setup
  • Pre-Launch Press Release
  • FREE Custom Campaign Reporting


Length: 1 Month

  • Announcement to Influencers
  • Outreach to PR Database of 1.4 Million
  • Social Media Updates & Monitoring
  • Creative Social Media Campaigns
  • In-app & Mobile Ad Management
  • App Store Optimization
  • Launch Press Release
  • Launch Mobile Ad Campaign
  • FREE Custom Campaign Reporting


Length: 4 Months

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Description Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Cont. PR Outreach
  • Social Media Campaign
  • New Features Request & Development
  • Outreach to 300+ Reviewers
  • Creative PR Material Release
  • FREE Custom Campaign Reporting

Don’t miss out on marketing opportunities by only targeting one mobile operating system. Let us take care of your app development and get your app into the pockets of all your potential customers!

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