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Can emoji apps make you rich?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been discussing the incredible power of emoji apps. They are not a new trend, emoji have been around awhile now, but the potential to use emoji apps to create amazing money-making businesses is a reality I’ve seen time and time again. If you are thinking about building an app, or you want to make an app business, emoji are the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to make money with apps.

Could Emoji Marketing Work For Your Business?

Emoji present a new tool which can be used by brands to communicate with the generation Z in a language that they have helped to build. This new generation does not know a world without smart technology or digital communication and these young tech-savvy consumers tend to use emoji frequently within communication, livening up messages and using them to further express themselves.

Several brands have already begun to experiment with emoji-based communication for a variety of creative uses. Coca-Cola has been working hard to associate its brand with smiles and they recently created a string of web addresses linking to their emoticoke campaign using happy emoji faces as the domain names (Www..ws). Intelligent Environments also made headlines when they created an emoji based password system, it is reported to be easier to remember an emoji password and there are 480 more possible combinations than a usual number-based system. Perhaps more excitingly, Domino’s pizza now allow you to order pizza with just the use of a pizza emoji. Once you register your pizza preferences online in a Domino’s Easy Order account you are able to either text or tweet them a pizza emoji or the words “Easy Order” to order your food.


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